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Move from Quay to AWS ECR Automation

Why the move We recently have decided to move all the docker repositories from a private registry called Quay to ECR. Quay uses robot tokens in order to authenticate the registry in order to push images. We have found it is more cost effective to just use ECR instead of pay for and maintain Quay […]

Perfect WordPress Development Environment

WordPress Development Problem Anybody who has developed for php applications knows it can be tricky to have ┬áthe right environmental setup to do development work. I love WordPress, but it is no exception, until now . . . I found the fastest way to have a development environment for WordPress that can be blown away […]

Node.js Webapp In a Docker Image – MEAN

Description Node js applications are great for proof of concepts and getting apps made in a short amount of time. Running them inside a docker container is a great security blanket and lets applications be versioned much like software version control. This is a quick code snippet of a nodejs server using express. This is […]