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Perfect WordPress Development Environment

WordPress Development Problem Anybody who has developed for php applications knows it can be tricky to have ┬áthe right environmental setup to do development work. I love WordPress, but it is no exception, until now . . . I found the fastest way to have a development environment for WordPress that can be blown away […]

Make Your Own Website Scraper

Description of a website scraper I recently did a project where I needed to scrape a subset of webpages from the internet. Back in the 1990s all websites were pretty much straight up html, which makes crawling them and getting their data pretty easy. All you needed was to grab the html files and run […]

Yeoman’s Gruntfile.js with html5 hashbang

Description Recently I worked on trying to make my angular application crawlable by google robots. In order to accomplish this I moved my application to html5. The problem however was all sites needed to be redirected from to!/newpage. This is required in order to load all the css and javascript for the page. […]

Project Organization

I have put this off for too long now – I am finally collecting all my projects, both personal and school related, and putting them up on github. Zaphinath’s GitHub repository. I have been using SVN and git for sometime on my own boxes. There are things I like about both and things I dislike. […]

All You Need to Know About php.ini

Description Most servers with php installed on them come with default settings that are used server wide. However, sometimes a program will require these php settings to be changed and instead of changing the settings for the entire server a person can overwrite the default settings for just a particular location (or domain). This is […]

Browse To Your New Hosting Platform Without Changing Nameservers

Description Sometimes people will sign up with a new web hosting service and want to be able to work on the page at their new host while leaving their website active at the old host. Most web hosting companies will provide a temporary URL that will allow you to see your site, however due to […]

.htaccess pdf file redirect

Description I recently added my resume to my site and needed to make the permalink wordpress makes get redirected to my resume ‘resume.pdf’ Solution Open the .htaccess file in your web folder and add the following code. That’s all, and now you can redirect wordpress permalinks to the proper file.

Backing Up Data With Cron Jobs

Description There are various ways and programs of backing up your systems, but I prefer to control all aspects of my backups and therefore will use cron jobs to do my backups. There are several different types of crons, but they all function the same way. First you need to open your crontab for editing […]

WordPress With Multiple Subdomains

Description I recently edited my WordPress to give me subdomains so that I can keep various different blogs. Example my main site is and I want to add a another blog called This is easy enough to do and I will show you how, the thing that got me however was how do […]

Change Default SSH Port in Gentoo Linux

Description If you have a need, for whatever reason, to change the port you use for ssh into your Linux system it’s really easy to do. This small tutorial will show how to do it specifically for a Gentoo Linux OS, but it should be similar for all Linux OS’s. **Note: You don’t have to […]