Reference SVN


For a complete list please use The SVN Book.

List of important SVN commands

svn commit to commit your changes to the server
svn status [-v] status [verbose]
svn update bring local copy up to date with the server copy
svn diff see your changes
svn log [-v] see the log file [with changed files]
svn add/del <file> add or remove files
svn up -r <version> revert to <version>
svn revert <file> <version> discard changes to <file>.
svn info prints info about the current svn dir
svn help help
svn merge [—reintegrate] s. branches page
svn merge -r [current_version]:[previous_version] [repository_url] revert a bad commit
svn propedit svn:ignore . This opens a text document that allows for files to remain hidden from the repository. The ‘.’ is for the current directory

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