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Internet Explorer Bashing

Internet Explorer eats glue

The first development job I had was working for BYU’s Independent Study program converting lessons into website material. The bane our existence was Internet Explorer. Anybody who has developed javascript a few years ago knows that every version of IE had a different engine. The css is also rendered different for each version of IE. […]

Node.js Webapp In a Docker Image – MEAN

Description Node js applications are great for proof of concepts and getting apps made in a short amount of time. Running them inside a docker container is a great security blanket and lets applications be versioned much like software version control. This is a quick code snippet of a nodejs server using express. This is […]

Custom Filter for Exim Through Fail2ban

Description I have noticed a lot of unsolicited smtp traffic on my box and I have started taking anti-spam measures to remove unauthorized usage of mail on my server. I use exim to transport and route mail. Exim is great and there are a lot of custom tweaks that can be done with Exim’s ACLs […]

All You Need to Know About php.ini

Description Most servers with php installed on them come with default settings that are used server wide. However, sometimes a program will require these php settings to be changed and instead of changing the settings for the entire server a person can overwrite the default settings for just a particular location (or domain). This is […]

HTTP Error – 403 Forbidden

Description A 403 – Forbidden error means the server no longer grants you permission to view at the files being served for the website. This is usually caused by the webserver blocking the files or an endpoint is being protected by an authentication annotation or authentication middleware. Troubleshooting to Fix Check the folders’ and files’ […]

HTTP Error – 400 Bad Request

Description This error 400 – Bad Request simply means either there is an error in the way you tried to type the website into your browser or your browser and web server where the site is hosted are having problems communicating with each other. Most often 400 – Bad Request is due to a bad […]

Browse To Your New Hosting Platform Without Changing Nameservers

Description Sometimes people will sign up with a new web hosting service and want to be able to work on the page at their new host while leaving their website active at the old host. Most web hosting companies will provide a temporary URL that will allow you to see your site, however due to […]

How to Repair a Hacked Website and Cpanel

Description This is a howto or a step-by-step post on successfully repairing a hacked site. This guide is meant to walk you through repairing your current problem and preventing it from happening again in the future. Just simply restoring the files is not enough to fix the site. We need to implement stronger security measures […]