Monthly Archives: September 2011

Backing Up Data With Cron Jobs

Description There are various ways and programs of backing up your systems, but I prefer to control all aspects of my backups and therefore will use cron jobs to do my backups. There are several different types of crons, but they all function the same way. First you need to open your crontab for editing […]

Iptables, Firewalls, Linux

Description When using iptables I like to keep a text file of my firewall so I can see everything when I need to edit it, open ports, etc. . . There is no requirement where this file is stored, however, I store the file in /system/configuration/firewall.txt. firewall.txt How to update your iptables with this firewall […]

WordPress With Multiple Subdomains

Description I recently edited my WordPress to give me subdomains so that I can keep various different blogs. Example my main site is and I want to add a another blog called This is easy enough to do and I will show you how, the thing that got me however was how do […]

Change Default SSH Port in Gentoo Linux

Description If you have a need, for whatever reason, to change the port you use for ssh into your Linux system it’s really easy to do. This small tutorial will show how to do it specifically for a Gentoo Linux OS, but it should be similar for all Linux OS’s. **Note: You don’t have to […]

Ruby on Rails 5 Star Rating with Star Rating Widget

Description With countless rating systems out there I decided to go with JQuery’s Star Rating Widget Plugin for one of my pet sites: The only problem with this is a complete lack of documentation on how to go about using it. I did a dirty hack but it seems to work great so I […]