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Perfect WordPress Development Environment

WordPress Development Problem Anybody who has developed for php applications knows it can be tricky to have ┬áthe right environmental setup to do development work. I love WordPress, but it is no exception, until now . . . I found the fastest way to have a development environment for WordPress that can be blown away […]

How to get google to crawl your angular application

Description I first discovered there was a problem when I went to google’s webmaster tools -> fetch as google -> and submitted a page of one of my sites to be crawled. It had a hash “#” in the URL as that was the default routeProvider using the yeoman framework. To my surprise google would […]

How to Repair a Hacked Website and Cpanel

Description This is a howto or a step-by-step post on successfully repairing a hacked site. This guide is meant to walk you through repairing your current problem and preventing it from happening again in the future. Just simply restoring the files is not enough to fix the site. We need to implement stronger security measures […]

.htaccess pdf file redirect

Description I recently added my resume to my site and needed to make the permalink wordpress makes get redirected to my resume ‘resume.pdf’ Solution Open the .htaccess file in your web folder and add the following code. That’s all, and now you can redirect wordpress permalinks to the proper file.

WordPress With Multiple Subdomains

Description I recently edited my WordPress to give me subdomains so that I can keep various different blogs. Example my main site is and I want to add a another blog called This is easy enough to do and I will show you how, the thing that got me however was how do […]