Cheap Website Hosting

I use to maintain my own servers for all of the various websites I host. Anybody can put nginx or apache on a computer and host his or her own website. I just got really tired of hosting my own sites because it can be a lot of maintenance. Just keeping an mail transit authoritative server is a nightmare trying to fight spam. I use to work for Bluehost. Justhost, Host Monster, Host Gator, Fast Domain, and pretty much any hosting that uses cPanel all are under the same company and all the servers are hosted in Provo Utah. They all have the same features and run on the exact same servers. They also all have the same problems that happen with shared hosting.

The cost of electricity to run my servers is twice what the shared hosting platform costs. Just assume you have a power supply that is 600W. This means at max power consumption you would use 14.4 kilowatt hours per day. Where I live electricity is cheap, but the national average is 12 cents. The total cost of electricity would be $51.84 per month. If you signup for a shared hosting platform you can pay as little as $2.50 per month. Being on a shared host means you are sharing the box with a few thousand other people, but that doesn’t really slow anything down for most people. All you need to do is sign up with a domain name you want. Then install any various websites for free and start sharing your expertise with the world.

I love Justhost for great cheap website hosting

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