Monthly Archives: July 2021

Java New Relic Agent Increases Memory Footprint

Overview We recently have been upgrading our java stacks to have the latest new relic agent 6 and 7 to incorporate distributed tracing into our environments. In testing the various versions of the new relic agent six we found that our stacks all took a performance hit. We increased our memory usage and increased our […]

HSEARCH400080: Unable to detect the Elasticsearch version running on the cluster

Description I recently decided to use the elasticsearch and hibernate bindings in java. Hibernate is already a very good ORM and has come a long ways in the last several years, but the integration with elasticsearch and lucene make it an amazing combination. It cuts down on the maintenance of keeping an elasticsearch index up […]

Move from Quay to AWS ECR Automation

Why the move We recently have decided to move all the docker repositories from a private registry called Quay to ECR. Quay uses robot tokens in order to authenticate the registry in order to push images. We have found it is more cost effective to just use ECR instead of pay for and maintain Quay […]