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HTTP Error – 404 Not Found

Description A 404 Not Found means the address cannot find a file or folder on the webhosting server or the server has not found a file matching the given URI. Troubleshooting to Fix Check the spelling for the file and URL. After the base url all the links are case sensitive according to the casing […]

HTTP Error – 403 Forbidden

Description A 403 – Forbidden error means the server no longer grants you permission to view at the files being served for the website. This is usually caused by the webserver blocking the files or an endpoint is being protected by an authentication annotation or authentication middleware. Troubleshooting to Fix Check the folders’ and files’ […]

HTTP Error – 400 Bad Request

Description This error 400 – Bad Request simply means either there is an error in the way you tried to type the website into your browser or your browser and web server where the site is hosted are having problems communicating with each other. Most often 400 – Bad Request is due to a bad […]