A collection of utilities (usually for Linux systems) that I have created over the years. I hope that they can be of use to others, but I make no guarantees that they will work flawlessly on every system. There may be nuances on every machine that cause minor headaches, but I will look at bug reports that are submitted to appropriate projects in my bugzilla.

Each project published here is open source and is available for free use and redistribute by all.

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  • Mat says:


    I’m trying to develop a little soft in Java to edit PPM pictures. So I found your work but I’ve some questions …

    Firstable, how did you run your program with eclipse ? I don’t see any scan to ask me which image I want to change …

    Secondly,do you have any idea to make a “steganography” with 2 images ?

    Thank you for all your work and your time.


    • zaphinath says:

      The class to handle the ppm get’s initialized in another class that takes in an argv (command line argument). Is where the source code lives.

      As far as steganography – there are a lot of hacks that are on the internet – especially using vb script or javascript. You can open an image file and append executable code to the end of the file. This can cause a lot of problems and be detected as virus too – so just be responsible.

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