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Perfect WordPress Development Environment

WordPress Development Problem Anybody who has developed for php applications knows it can be tricky to have  the right environmental setup to do development work. I love WordPress, but it is no exception, until now . . . I found the fastest way to have a development environment for WordPress that can be blown away […]

Using Curl In Bash For Endpoint Rest Testing

Description Sometimes I am shelled into an environment or server that I cannot revers proxy through and I can’t run programs like Postman or Advanced Rest Client, which are great programs. I use the following aliases inside my .bashrc files in every server I set up because of how useful they are. This way we […]

Single Line Program to Access a Docker Container

Description I have several docker images I have pulled down and running in several containers on my server. As images update I destroy the old containers, remove the old images, and bring up the new images in a new container. Instead of running the following as root: You then have to find the container id […]

Project Organization

I have put this off for too long now – I am finally collecting all my projects, both personal and school related, and putting them up on github. Zaphinath’s GitHub repository. I have been using SVN and git for sometime on my own boxes. There are things I like about both and things I dislike. […]

Using Asterisk as Sip Server with Google Voice

Description I have wanted for some time to buy a sip phone to plug directly into my network and use it with my google voice account, thus giving me a free house phone with unlimited minutes to all of north america (or wherever google decides). To do this I installed Asterisk 11.0 on my server […]

Custom Filter for Exim Through Fail2ban

Description I have noticed a lot of unsolicited smtp traffic on my box and I have started taking anti-spam measures to remove unauthorized usage of mail on my server. I use exim to transport and route mail. Exim is great and there are a lot of custom tweaks that can be done with Exim’s ACLs […]

IPC – Linux Communication Signals

IPC – Inter-process Communication – is the way running programs can communicate with each other in a Linux system when there are conflicts or user has need to interrupt the running program. The following are a list of the various signals that the Linux Kernel handles. Most of us are familiar with several of them […]

Computer Systems – Going down the rabbit hole.

If you are looking to understand linux and how the overal picture works with the kernel down to the hardware a great book to use is Computer Systems: A Programer’s Perspective. The thing I really liked about this book is it first walks you through how the processor is set up and gives a great […]

How to Repair a Hacked Website and Cpanel

Description This is a howto or a step-by-step post on successfully repairing a hacked site. This guide is meant to walk you through repairing your current problem and preventing it from happening again in the future. Just simply restoring the files is not enough to fix the site. We need to implement stronger security measures […]

Backing Up Data With Cron Jobs

Description There are various ways and programs of backing up your systems, but I prefer to control all aspects of my backups and therefore will use cron jobs to do my backups. There are several different types of crons, but they all function the same way. First you need to open your crontab for editing […]