Reference GIT

git clone clone a repository into a new directory
git commit -a to commit your changes locally to your computer
git push this is used to push all committed changes to the server
git checkout Checkout a branch or paths to the working tree
git status [-v] status [verbose]
git ls-files List all the files in the git repo dir
git pull bring local copy up to date with the server copy
git diff version1 version 2 see your changes
git log [-v] see the log file [with changed files]
git add/rm <file> add or remove files
git info prints info about the current svn dir
git help help
git merge <branch> merges branch into master

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  • rodica gall says:

    i want to see the difference between the present file version and 5 versions back of the same file

    • zaphinath says:

      Just do a ‘git diff HEAD@{1} filename’ where {1} = {}. You can get the hash by typing ‘git log’ and going back as many commits as you need. Of course filename just refers the the file you want to see.

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