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Custom PS2 Keyboard GPIO for Spartan 6 Microblaze

Description This is an old post I never finished. I just thought I would at least share the code for the project. I made a keyboard interface with PS2 that plugged into the Spartan 6 Microblaze. You will need to make sure you have the right voltage and resistors in the right place. There is […]

VGA Synchronization Driver for FPGA

Description In order to use the VGA connection on an FPGA there needs to be a vga timer that can change the pixels as it goes across the screen. I won’t go into detail here about VGA standards, or how the horizontal and vertical refreshes work, but rather just give some example VHDL code that […]

PS2 Receiver Module for VHDL

Description I have several VHDL modules that have been coded to use with the Spartan 3E. My next couple of posts will have various modules followed by a top level design that connects them all together. This module is for a keyboard receiver. Keyboards communicate two ways. They transmit the key strokes in a 11 […]