Monthly Archives: July 2011

Webserver for OSX Tutorial

Description This tutorial is will show how to set up an apache server for web development which allows for sites to be written in any language and framework. This is tailored for Mac OS X and is meant for developers who write websites in multiple languages and frameworks. This tutorial starts by setting up apache, […]

Python Ctypes for Advanced Fortran and C++

Problem The cytpes library in python 2.6 and greater allows python to call fortran, c, and c++ functions from a specially compiled library. However the python cytpes library is limited in the datatypes that can be called from those libraries. This tutorial will show how to call derived data types from a fortran library and […]

Line Wrap With SyntaxHighlight

Problem: Syntax Highlighter¬†has a problem where long lines of code use a horizontal scroll bar instead of using a line break or word wrap. Example Before: Solution: If using wordpress install a plugin called ‘SyntaxHighlighter Evolved’ and after the plugin is activated go to the settings toolbar and select “SyntaxHighlighter.” Note:¬†You must be using version […]

Spinx.conf for mediawiki

Problem: Solution: This comes because in the database the tables being queried have a different name. The name was changed at the creation of the database. An example is the normal table for wiki is ‘page’ but now its ‘your_defined_prefix_page’. You will need to edit the sphinx.conf to call the right database tables. This should […]