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Enabling Windows nodes inside an EKS cluster on AWS.

Description We recently went about adding windows nodes for some legacy dotnet stacks at Ancestry. As part of this we followed the AWS documentation to enable windows. We also use Karpenter to handle the scheduling and decided to make a new provisioner for just windows. After following the docs a new windows node came up […]

Birth of a Liberal

Abstract I just want to begin by expressing my gratitude for this country where I live, The United States of America. It really is a land of immense freedom and opportunity. I love the constitution and feel that it really is an inspired document. I consider myself somewhere in the middle of the political spectrum. […]

Java New Relic Agent Increases Memory Footprint

Overview We recently have been upgrading our java stacks to have the latest new relic agent 6 and 7 to incorporate distributed tracing into our environments. In testing the various versions of the new relic agent six we found that our stacks all took a performance hit. We increased our memory usage and increased our […]

HSEARCH400080: Unable to detect the Elasticsearch version running on the cluster

Description I recently decided to use the elasticsearch and hibernate bindings in java. Hibernate is already a very good ORM and has come a long ways in the last several years, but the integration with elasticsearch and lucene make it an amazing combination. It cuts down on the maintenance of keeping an elasticsearch index up […]

Move from Quay to AWS ECR Automation

Why the move We recently have decided to move all the docker repositories from a private registry called Quay to ECR. Quay uses robot tokens in order to authenticate the registry in order to push images. We have found it is more cost effective to just use ECR instead of pay for and maintain Quay […]

How to Set Master Nodes in Elasticsearch

Problem In order to horizontally scale an elasticsearch cluster in the cloud we need to make sure we don’t remove the master nodes if we scale the cluster down during times of less usage. We do this in Amazon Web Services by having two groups of compute instances. The first block is equal to the […]

Automatically Terraform Elasticsearch Cluster in AWS

Terraform Elasticsearch in Amazon Web Services The elasticsearch cluster needs to know the seed ip addresses, which makes it a little bit tricker to do in terraform. We actually need to do have two separate ec2 declarations. The second batch will grab the first batches ip addresses. The userdata automatically will install and set up […]

Free Cellphone For Life

Over the last few months I have been working on understanding what it means to invest. My ultimate goal is to be able to retire in about 10 years or so (right now I am 30). To break this goal into bite sized chunks I have decided to try and replace my monthly reoccurring bills […]

FirstOrDefault C# Lambda to Java 8 Lambda

Description While converting c# code to java there are several lambdas that c# has that were a little difficult to find a port to java. One of these was C Sharp’s FirstOrDefault lambda expression. Java has an equivalent stream. We can use the findFirst and if it doesn’t find anything then we can return a […]

C Sharp delegate function in Java

Porting from C# to Java – The Delegate The delegate function is kind of cool in C# land. It allows you to pass a bunch of functions as a parameter. Java has a handful of different ways you can do this. I personally like just passing an object that implements Runnable and then have an […]