Review of CAD U37 USB recording microphone


I have a couple of various websites that need to have lots of audio recordings in them. At first I tried using the microphone build into my computer screen. It’s great for video chatting, but when quality matters I needed a different solution. I spent time looking around on the internet for a couple of days to see what most people used for hobbyist or amateur recording microphones. After much delineation I chose to buy the CAD U37. Other models like the YETI have more features, which I probably will never use, and they come at a much higher price tag — $200+.


  • The microphone is under $50.
  • Has two control switches
    • Switch one is for removing loud noises or people who talk too loud
    • Switch two is to filter base or large frequency sounds – such as normal house ventilation.
  • Looks slick and works right out of the box
  • This is a directional microphone so it doesn’t pick up noises off to the side or in another room


The main con I have had was initially mounting this to the suspension boom. The boom did not come with a piece that could hold the microphone, however, the stand that the microphone came with could screw into the boom — You only need to unscrew the end from the boom and take the female extension out of the microphone mount and put that extension into the CAD U37 stand piece.


I highly recommend anyone who is starting to record – whether for music, your own podcast, or other hobbyist fun – should get this microphone. If you decide to buy it for just a few dollars more you should get the pop filter for it. The pop filter will help reduce spit sounds and odd air movements – like heavy breathing and etc. The pop filter also helps clarify the differences between a “B” and “P”. The CAD U37 microphone is the cheapest of the high quality microphones.

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