How To Update a Joomla Password Through MySQL


Joomla is a very popular CMS that most webhosts will provide for their customers. This tutorial is designed to be a nice, simple, easy to use visual aid to help reset Joomla passwords through the Cpanel via phpMyAdmin. Since most webhost companies do not support the changing of third party software data, this howto guide should help reseting a Joomla user password.


Step 1: Find the Right Database

Browse to the right directory for your Joomla instaliation and Open configuration.php in any text editor. We do this so we can find the right database name associated with the Joomla installation for which you are trying to reset the password.

public $dbtype = 'mysqli';
public $host = 'localhost';
public $user = 'username_jml1';
public $password = 'SecretPassword';
public $db = 'username_jml1';
public $dbprefix = 'jml_';

Step 2: Open phpMyAdmin

  • Log into the CPanel and select phpMyAdmin.
  • Select the appropriate database on the top left of the screen. The database naming schema for most hosts is username_. This is why we want to find the right database to use from step one. For the example we are using username_jml and phpMyAdmin will just show it as _jml. Select _jml
  • There will now be a list of tables in the database. Click jml_users.

Step 3: Edit the User Information

  • Click edit for the user you wish to edit.
  • Now all the information for that user should be showing and all you have to do is change the password.
  • Select MD5 for the password encryption type. MD5 is what Joomla will use by default.
  • Click GO in the bottom left corner of the user section and now the new password should be saved. You can now go to and log in with the new credentials.

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