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Project Organization

I have put this off for too long now – I am finally collecting all my projects, both personal and school related, and putting them up on github. Zaphinath’s GitHub repository. I have been using SVN and git for sometime on my own boxes. There are things I like about both and things I dislike. […]

PS2 Receiver Module for VHDL

Description I have several VHDL modules that have been coded to use with the Spartan 3E. My next couple of posts will have various modules followed by a top level design that connects them all together. This module is for a keyboard receiver. Keyboards communicate two ways. They transmit the key strokes in a 11 […]

Using Asterisk as Sip Server with Google Voice

Description I have wanted for some time to buy a sip phone to plug directly into my network and use it with my google voice account, thus giving me a free house phone with unlimited minutes to all of north america (or wherever google decides). To do this I installed Asterisk 11.0 on my server […]

Custom Filter for Exim Through Fail2ban

Description I have noticed a lot of unsolicited smtp traffic on my box and I have started taking anti-spam measures to remove unauthorized usage of mail on my server. I use exim to transport and route mail. Exim is great and there are a lot of custom tweaks that can be done with Exim’s ACLs […]

Computer Systems – Going down the rabbit hole.

If you are looking to understand linux and how the overal picture works with the kernel down to the hardware a great book to use is Computer Systems: A Programer’s Perspective. The thing I really liked about this book is it first walks you through how the processor is set up and gives a great […]

All You Need to Know About php.ini

Description Most servers with php installed on them come with default settings that are used server wide. However, sometimes a program will require these php settings to be changed and instead of changing the settings for the entire server a person can overwrite the default settings for just a particular location (or domain). This is […]

HTTP Error – 403 Forbidden

Description A 403 – Forbidden error means the server no longer grants you permission to view at the files being served for the website. This is usually caused by the webserver blocking the files or an endpoint is being protected by an authentication annotation or authentication middleware. Troubleshooting to Fix Check the folders’ and files’ […]

Iptables, Firewalls, Linux

Description When using iptables I like to keep a text file of my firewall so I can see everything when I need to edit it, open ports, etc. . . There is no requirement where this file is stored, however, I store the file in /system/configuration/firewall.txt. firewall.txt How to update your iptables with this firewall […]

Ruby on Rails 5 Star Rating with Star Rating Widget

Description With countless rating systems out there I decided to go with JQuery’s Star Rating Widget Plugin for one of my pet sites: The only problem with this is a complete lack of documentation on how to go about using it. I did a dirty hack but it seems to work great so I […]

Python Ctypes for Advanced Fortran and C++

Problem The cytpes library in python 2.6 and greater allows python to call fortran, c, and c++ functions from a specially compiled library. However the python cytpes library is limited in the datatypes that can be called from those libraries. This tutorial will show how to call derived data types from a fortran library and […]